Nina Hart

Inspired by the arts and my love of romance, I picked up a camera and set out to create a lifestyle in which I could be a part of timeless memories and share them with the world. I am a big hearted and adventurous wedding and life style photographer. I first discovered my love for the wedding world when my husband and I were planning our own wedding 3 years ago. Having the opportunity to work with my husband is the icing on the cake.


Dominic Mendoza

People and culture are my catalyst for all that I aspire to capture and share. On our journey of photography, my wife and I have met many wonderful people and have had the pleasure of sharing many unforgettable memories. It is said that cherished memories are not always realized right away, but it is only when time has passed that they become great and grow in grandeur. Our desire is to capture those moments so that you may have them to hold, in your hands and in your memory forever. I love having the opportunity to work with my wife, she is the icing on my cake.

How we met, & how Apt 3 came to be

  We are often asked, "Why are you called Apartment 3?", but in order to answer that, we need to start at the very beginning, the story of how we met. Well, we met at church, and would you know it, Dominic was Nina's younger brother's Sunday school teacher, and he served in the youth ministry alongside Nina's mother. (Dominic also sat behind Nina every Sunday for an entire year, accident, not a chance!) One Sunday, Nina brought her brother Noah and the class pastries for Noah's birthday. This was the first time Nina and Dominic formally met and shortly after Dominic asked Nina on a date, which lead to 4 years of dating  filled with adventure, fun, and countless proclamations of love ( yes we know some of this may sound cheesy, but we are hopeless romantics to the gills).  Fast forward to April 14th 2013 and Dominic was on one knee purposing, on a foggy beach with all their family and friends surrounding them! Then Dominic suggested something crazy, lets get married soon, like 4 months soon.  So in 4 months we invited 130 of our closest family and friends, and on August 31st 2013, we had the most beautiful outdoor wedding on an unusually cool sunny day, epecially for Southern California in the summer ( no joke temps ranged from the mid 90-104 that month)! For us hopeless romantics the wedding planning was like a romantic movie montage, punctuated with various mental breakdowns that come along with planning a wedding in 4 months, but we seriously  enjoyed everything about planning our wedding. So much so, that even after our wedding, we agreed that those 4 months of planning were some of the best months of our lives! We never wanted that to end, so in our first apartment as husband and wife was were the seed of the idea of owning our own wedding photography business began to germinate, and I bet you'll never guess what our apartment number was, that's right, Apartment 3. Dominic had been second shooting weddings for about 2 years when he began to teach Nina the fundamentals of photography and nowadays you can't take the camera out of her hands! Our apartment was the first time we ever lived together, the first space we began our lives as husband and wife, the apartment where all of our dreams for what the rest of our lives would look like began, and that is how we became Apartment 3 Photography. Our story and your story, is the number 1 thing that pushes us and encourages us to continue to do what we love and that is to witness and retell your story through the art of photography. We would be so honored to meet you and hear all about the beginning of your story, and how you met!