…Pursuing stories of the wildly in love…

Desiree & Matthew

“One of the most romantic & fun photo loving couples, the adoration and sweet spirit these two share is contagious and refreshing; we had the time of our lives and we felt so grateful to be welcomed into the amazing community of family and friends of Matthew & Desiree. We celebrated their love at the gorgeous hillside venue Serendipity Garden Weddings.

Venue: Serendipity Garden Weddings, Oak Glen, California


Amanda & Daniel

“ KUWTM Keeping Up With The Morton’s ; with a instagram # (#keepingupwiththemortons) nod to the Karadashian/Jenner/West family neighborhood, Amanda & Daniel had one of the most uniquely chic & romantic weddings of 2019! Amanda absolutely rocked this gorgeous Jasmine Pantsuit design by Amanda James of Amanda James Design (ig: amandajamesdesign), the blend of cultural traditions, contemporary chic & Spanish elegance was incredible.

Venue: King Gillette Ranch, Calabasas, CA

*We included more photographs in this gallery because we wanted to share a little more into one of our favorite aspects of weddings: details*


Gloria & Andrew

“Pretty much a perfect day, with the perfect couple, listening and dancing to the most perfect of music (Magic by Coldplay) at the top of emerald and gold rolling hills, overlooking small streams that run through the valley, something like a cross over scene between a John Steinbeck novel and The Note Book. PURE MAGIC!”

Venue: Windmill Canyon at Hoy Ranch, Beaumont, CA


Nicole & Regis

“This magical misty mountainside wedding was absolutely dreamlike. The spirit of the entire wedding was one of community, family, and celebration! Nearly everyone at the wedding spent the entire reception dancing the raining night away without a care in the world.”

Venue: Serendipity Garden Weddings, Oak Glen, CA


Vicky & Ivan

“ We had the absolute privilege of photographing the wedding of the stunning beauty guru Vicky Fernandez (I.G. key beauty) and her rockero groom Ivan, their big day included tons of gorgeous detail which included a bride and groom wardrobe change that did not disappoint! Such a rockstar couple”

Venue: Loft 84


Adam & Angie

“There is just something so classic about Adam & Angie and their wedding. The way they look at each other with such honesty and don’t hold back their love, celebrating their marriage in our hometown of Redlands, CA , everything felt right and so full of ease. Such a perfect wedding day!”

Venue: The Speakeasy on State, Redlands, CA